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Read about the north and south Tzoumerka with rich traditions and landscapes of the rare beauties if its nature.

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SYRRAKO in Tzoumerka of Arta
The  Syrrako  is built on a slope of Mount Lakmos, at an altitude of 1,150 meters. Syrrako standing above the gorge of the river Chrousia tributary Kalarrytikos and opposite faces the imposing Tzoumerka. It is 25 minutes from the headquarters of the North Tzoumerka Pramanta.Syrrako built around the 15th century AD and during the Turkish occupation experienced significant economic growth thanks to
Tsopelas in Tzoumarke of Arta
The Tsopelas' village of art "as it is called in the region, is a settlement Pramanda are built at the foot of Tzoumerka at an altitude of 840 -1020m. In the green fir settlement that has nothing to envy the beauty of well-known Alpine everyone can admire the ancient musical instruments and jewelry George Polyzou. The village is distinguished by its high level events and his relationship with rebetiko
Kalarrutes Tzoumerka of Arta
Kalarrytes is built on the rim of the steep canyon that leads to the river Kalarrytikos, at an altitude of 1200 m. The archaeological finds indicate that, from the Bronze Age, residents found in this region. In archaeological site inaccessible, located NE Kalarrytes the steep slope on the side of the river Karlimpou tributary Kalarrytikos have found remains of ancient wall small town. It is speculated
Bee in tzamerka of Arta
The Melissourgi is Tzoumerka of Arta Prefecture and is located five minutes from The Pramanda. The village is built in a valley at an altitude of 870 meters. The name of the village has to do with the hard work of residents, as the bee is considered a model of hard work. Opposite the village is the monastery of the Virgin Mary built in 1745. Across the region of the village there are too many sources.
The Red Church in Tzoumerka of Arta
The Red Church or Mary Vella was built in 1281 and is one of the most important monuments created during the 13th century in Epirus the glorious dynasty Komninodoukadon. Two column is a cruciform church with a single three-sided apse and a tripartite narthex.The scholar Anastasios Orlandos mentions of the name: "The name Red Church is apparently due to vigorously red color of bricks, making up the
The Monastery of St. George in Tzoumerka of Arta
Surrounded by dense pine forest in the north of the village is St. George's Monastery. Founded in 1690 and about anistorithike in 1714, according to an inscription found on the wall between the vestibule and universality. In 1957 he was listed historic monument. During the Turkish occupation and the occupation was a cultural and religious center, offering outbreak and support the population of the
Athamanio in Tzoumerka of Arta
Athamanio is built amphitheater on the outskirts of Tzoumerka at an altitude of 650 m. To 1,000 m. And during the Turkish occupation was called Loupsista. In 1928 he was baptized and Leipzig in 1950 acquired its present name. Today in Athamanio living about 300 residents. From the main road starts another district, which passes through the village, comes up at the last houses and ends after 11 exciting
Theodoriana in Tzoumerka of Arta
Built at 1,000 m. Altitude and is undoubtedly one of the richest in water resources Greek villages. Around Theodoriana there are 70 sources, abundant water flowing everywhere, winter summer. Here live about 150 permanent residents but in the summer they are doubled. The lucky lovers should go through the village should not miss a walk to the beautiful waterfalls of Souda.
Agnanta in Tzoumerka of Arta
The word 'Agnanta is Greek, derived from the adverb Agnantia meaning opposite. The Agnanta are 55 km. from Arta. This is a Tzoumerka village drowned literally firs trees, pines and arbutus. The rich vegetation and natural springs are the characteristics of the village and one of the reasons that so many travelers visit.  The main village is bisected by a torrent, the Agnantiti, and many beautiful
Anemotrupa Cave in Tzoumerka of Arta
The Cave of Anemotripa is found very close to the road that leads to the village Pramanta. A particularly impressive space with exceptionally rich decor waits for you in its interior. This  decor is constituted by a big variety of stalactites, which begin from the roof of the rocks and stalagmites, which begin from the ground. In the end of the cave, which is 350 meters long, there are beautiful small
Bourgareli in Tzoumerka of Arta
Vourgareli is 58 km from the town of Arta and is one of the largest villages of Tzoumerka. It is built at an altitude of 800 m., Surrounded by nature with lush vegetation and springs. Vourgareli always been the village, administrative and commercial center for the surrounding area. Until now operated schools, from kindergarten to high school, police station, post office, OTE, Forestry, Justice of the
Folklore Museums in Tzoumerka of Arta
Folklore Collection of "Kostas Avdikos Folklore Collection of "Kostas Avdikos is situated in the village Sirako and it is accommodated in the house of Kostas Avdikos that has been changed into a museum. It includes woollies and weavings, authentic furniture, embroideries,  traditional costumes and other objects that give elements for the way of life of Sirako's residents about 150 years ago.Folklore
Bridges in Tzoumerka of Arta
Bridge of GogosBridge of Gogos isbeautiful bridge is found in the beginning of River Kalaritikos's ravine on the path of Mihalitsi in Pramanta. It is a pendent metal bridge that was designed by the German mechanic Charles Vaykman in 1932. This point has been selected as one of the most suitable points of departure for the lovers of rafting, kayak and other relative activities.  Bridge of PapastathisBridge
Chuurches and monasteries in Tzoumerka of Arta
Monastery of Viliza This monastery is found near the village Matsouki and one can get there from a quite steep, but not inaccessible path. The name "Viliza", was given to it due to its location, which comes from the Latin word vigilo that means "stay awake", . It is found in about 1.050 meters altitude from where one can observe everything. It is not known precisely when the monastery was built,